¡arte! by Roman Stefan

¡Bar Fiesta! „the making of art“


Artist: Roman Stefan

About Roman Stefan:
Born 1.4.1980 in Brugg (AG) Switzerland.
„I live the Art, I don’t make Art for living…I’m drawing since I’m 4 years old, by the Age of 18 I began to made sculptures, what is now my only reason to be here.I got my Inspiration from the daily Living as well from my own Imagination, I would describe my Artwork as more expressiv, because „I think so“ I take the Impressions of the daily living and filter it trough my mind and out come stuff like this…“
Niederrohrdorf, Aargau, Switzerland
1980 the birth,
1984 the first drawings,
1987 the first paintings,
1991 the first modelling,
1998 the first sculptures,
in 1998 I was in the school for Arts and Crafts in Laas (Italy),
and since I have finished the school in 2003 I’m living for the Arts.

Link: saatchionline.com/steinbildhauer

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